Isnin, 2 Januari 2012

DeMam ‘Angry Bird’~

Everywhere I go, is ‘it’..

Everywhere I see, is ‘it’..

Everywhere I heard, is ‘it’..

Everywhere and everywhere is ‘it’..

‘What happen actually??’

I wonder.

Is this a ‘fever’?

Or maybe ‘iCu’??huh


I really don’t know about this ‘cartoon’ actually until I went for a window shopping with my younger sister after last ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ at Parkson KB. 

“Eh angry bird!! So nice mAa~!!” My younger sister said.

( Are 'they' really nice?? )

“What is’t actually?” I asked. <refer to the 'red' one>

She just continue looking at the ‘angry bird’. Seems like very excited. I don’t know what the 'attraction' is it.
Oh, I’m getting blur for a while.

But then, I remember someone’s birthday. I plan to buy a children’s watch for the birthday’s ‘surprise’ actually. But I think “…” seems like the ‘angry bird’..hehe
<<sori to say my dear.. I mean ‘nice and cute’ actually.. No other mean..*peace no war* >> =P

So, I bought one cute ‘angry bird’. It just cheap but the most important thing is ‘bang bang boom’!!haha 
<< tara!!! take good care of ‘it’ k my dear dinda?=)>>

I still don’t know where this ‘angry bird’ comes from. Wonder and still wondering. 

Just only because angry bird’s games?? Anymore else??

Oh, sorry to say. I’m getting ‘influenced’ by the 'surrounding' and the ‘cute’ characteristic of it also. Then I asked someone to buy for me since I could not found it at KKB.haha <<how bad the ‘infection’ is!! =P >>

From that day, ‘it’ always be with me in whatever I do and wherever I go. Also during my ‘iadah’ time=)

How nice is it right?haha

What the most ‘nonsense’ thing I get from my dear ‘sweety’ is;

When I’m getting mad, I could not get angry anymore. 


Because my cute ‘sweety’ is already ‘angry’ until everyone calls it as 'angry' bird..haha

And ‘fire’ cannot meet with ‘fire’.. If not, it will ‘explode’.. So, I just smile when I see my ‘sweety’..
Nonsense right?haha=)

<<Thanks a lot ‘sweety’! Really appreciate 'you'! So nice^^>>

The morals are;

‘pandanglah sesuatu dengan mata hati’


‘berhati-hati dengan ‘infection2’ di sekitar anda terutamanya dari Barat’

Kenapa? Sebab ada orang kata ‘angry birds’ punya games adalah salah satu agenda Barat dalam erti kata menghina Islam. No any comment from me bout that. Saya masih mencari jawapan di sebalik ‘demam’ dan ‘iCu’ angry bird ni. Kena cuba main games ‘angry bird’ jugak ni kot^^=)

Sesiapa ada jawapan tentang ni, mungkin boleh share bersama. And thanks a lot to say.

Last but not least, ntah pape kan post kali ni? Sori, lama tak ‘berceloteh’ kat my ‘rayyan’..=)

Moga-moga dengan celoteh yang ‘merapu’ dan ntah pape ini dapat menghilangkan tension anda and make you smile. Because I’m happy when you are smiling especially when you are in 'moody' time.

Just smile and keep smiling! =)

>>Really love you my dear ‘sweety2’ and my dear ‘angry bird’<<

* this is my dear 'sweety' and also my dear dinda 'sweety' * nice right? =)

 p/s: ni 'essay' 'kanak2' yg dah lama tinggal english subject. so, sori to say 4 grammar mistakes.hehe

Written on 2nd Jan 2012;0400am